Wayfinding for Healthcare Facilities

Health Infrastructure has developed the Wayfinding for Healthcare Facilities guideline to:

  • Provide a resource that will assist with a useful approach to wayfinding for healthcare facilities
  • Give specific information about the development of wayfinding strategies for healthcare facilities
  • Identify ‘common journeys’ and the ‘steps’ needed to provide good wayfinding systems
  • Introduce a number of tools that can be used to design and improve wayfinding systems for healthcare facilities.

Wayfinding for Healthcare Facilities seeks to reduce the focus on signs as the key tool for wayfinding in healthcare facilities and instead provides a broader perspective.

This document also responds to the ongoing need for healthcare design to cater for all people who use healthcare facilities.

Wayfinding for Healthcare Facilities provides a framework for understanding good wayfinding practice. It describes a holistic approach in which wayfinding is considered across its full spectrum rather than just focusing on a single component.

It is not a prescriptive specification. Rather it is intended to inform those designing and managing healthcare facilities about the full scope of wayfinding and key considerations.

Wayfinding for Healthcare Facilities - Guidelines

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